humana dental plans for seniors  Anyone who pays contributions to the social security fund on a regular basis every month, always knows.

That social security  humana dental plans for seniors has dental benefits for the insured person like us, which some people may overlook. Because that is a small matter So I didn’t pay attention to the benefits that I had.

But how We must not forget that the money that has been deducted every month Partly to be dental welfare Allowing us to access health services more conveniently and with quality.

Because do not forget that even oral and dental health problems ?

May look small, humana dental plans for seniors but when someone happens It is a problem that can not be distracting at all, but if we use the right to make teeth every year There is a problem with dental health and will soon be treated early.

Don’t wait until it is heavy. Now, the pain is not enough. Still have to pay a lot of money to maintain.

 Many people may not know that Now, if we are going to use the rights to make social insurance, whether it is a block, a withdrawal, or scaling, there is no need to pay as before. 
If it is a service in a public hospital For private hospitals and clinics We have now joined more than 1,000 projects, where we can observe which hospitals do not have to pay. 
From the sticker label that says “This hospital provides insured services for dental dentistry without reservation.”
How many times can dental health insurance be withdrawn in 1 year ?
Social security does not limit how many times per year you can withdraw. Thus, if the cost of dental treatment in any given year is less than 900 baht.
we are also entitled to apply for reimbursement has steadily until the limit is 900 baht credit line will provide a year-on-year. If the year expires, the remaining amount will be deducted immediately. Can not be used in the next year