You’re conveying through theĀ Dentemax Reviews brief and kind of what people hear sometimes different so we’re trying to make it as simple as possible if you like your TRICARE plan you don’t have to do anything year-to-year we’ll keep you in that plan so.

 Dentemax Reviews
Dentemax Reviews

It’s not like every year you have to check a box to stay in it’s you do nothing you stay in that plan unless you that’s during the open season actually again she retiring you need to re-enroll in a plan after you retire so I’m sorry another question is as far as like I know.

That TRICARE had gone through some changes they used to be called like TRICARE Standard and track your Prime and selector however that works out um I went there you go thank you that’s it I think one of the questions is that um is it still easy to switch back and forth between them or do you have to do it in that open season so.

You have to do it during that open season or after actually and what I don’t think I mentioned this on the slide but it’s important I should have mentioned this is that yes January this year TRICARE Standard and extra or replaced by strike era select so.

When I refer to TRICARE select that’s the preferred provider option now that your @twitter TRICARE plan provides so it’s easy to change I guess that it I guess it’s all dependent on your version of easy to change.

it’s just now you can only do it after the opens during the open season or after qualifying life event okay great um I did the hair back on I regarding chiropractic as being amazing um can you just real quick go over The things that are being added again yeah so let me let me go get to that slide here,

I mean that’s some pretty big stuff for us for military family especially like at mental health is now doesn’t have a cap on how many visits oh that’s already happened and so the mental health piece you know we wanted to make sure