That’s paid by the for Dentemax Fee Schedule 2018  family members they’ll have access to the vision care as well as a reservist wha backs reservists that are on TRICARE reserve select one access to the fedvip vision plans the only people that will have access to the dental plans.

Who fed that are the retirees that includes your your retirees below and above so both those on TRICARE for life and both those that are retirees and drawing on their benefits so and those the retirees will also have access to vision so.

I should make that point as well okay I think you answered this question last time but I’m gonna ask it just because I’m and older enrolled in TRICARE for life are we eligible to enroll in dental and vision and I believe that would be yes. 

Dentemax Fee Schedule 2018
Dentemax Fee Schedule 2018

You are eligible so you heard it right here for the person that #twitter. asked that question that’s that is the answer another one will this affect those of us who have TRICARE Plus for children with disabled children let me get back to you on.

What not prepared to answer that question but that’s a very good question and we’re very sensitive to that population okay um here’s another question there’s an email apparently that’s going around that’s unclear but can you clarify if we have an ad FM which.

I don’t know that is do you very familiar okay and happy with our  plan we do not have to do anything during the upcoming open season  correct okay you know let me just would solve it because you know it’s great to do these to do these engages because what you think